Current Services

  • Earthen Art Installations (Interior, Exterior, Functional, Decorative)
  • Classes: providing hands-on educational experiences 
  • Education: Powerpoint Presentations & Group Led Projects 
  • Educational settings: working with public and private schools along with homeschool groups, summer camps and after school programs
  • Owner Builder Consultations for those who are DIY focused but are in need of some direction or planning.
  • Private Parties: Kids Birthdays, Group Project-Based Guidance, Interior Paint Parties

For all Inquiries email Kelley @ or call 570-856-1177



We promote that every project, group, and installation is custom.  We cater to this focused market by providing many different options to accommodate for your wishes.

Contact us with questions about your dream project, interest group, or interest in Earthen Art.  

Contact Information

Kelley Adair, Lead Designer   570-856-1177

James Toye, Project Visionary & Earthen Mix Master  864-940-4662