Have Fun, Learn by Doing, Create More

Have Fun, Learn by Doing, Create More


Community Outreach

Helping people discover lost traditions of working with natural materials to create community focused projects

Art Installations, holding hands on demonstrations during events, educational presentations, and more can be a powerful discovery into working with our environment, creative out puts, DYI building potentials, and more


Earthen Artists

There needs to be more community exposure to the use of natural material in our everyday lives. Natural Material can be used to transform the places around us. Natural material can bring an artistic element into our homes and aid in creating a healthier indoor environment, mentally and physically.

Over the course of our work we have found that one of the best uses of natural material is in the element of bringing people together and creating stronger communities. These materials (Clay, Sand, Straw, Wood, Stone) are sculptural, non toxic, and so easy to work with that community members young and old can be a part of the creation process of building functional art pieces for the community.

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